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Dinokeng | Lions and leopards

We have acquired a new leopard female, 2-3 years from North West Parks Board. She is currently in the predator boma as part of her habituation and to remove her homing instinct

his acquisition is to replace the leopard female (Zella) from Shayamanzi which was unfortunately killed by lion. We currently have Ziklas, the male from Shayamanzi and another male resident on the DGR. The new female addition will contribute to the possible breeding of leopard in the DGR. Updates will be given on when the female will be released into the greater DGR.

Our male leopard (Ziklas) was also placed in the predator boma on Saturday 24/07/2021 next to the new leopard female. This was done to attempt to bond them for possible breeding and to upgrade the floodgate in the Boekenhoutspruit as the most likely breakout area. He was captured by darting him out of a helicopter on the Joe van Heerden/Saad property after he broke out of the DGR.

We are also in the process of acquiring a new lion male of about 6 years from Samara Private Game Reserve. The required permits is currently in process and on finalisation this male will also be placed in a predator boma to remove his homing instinct. When the process has been finalised dates of release will be communicated. This new male addition is to improve the genetic diversity of the DGR lion population and he will be closely monitored.