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Dinokeng | We Welcome Samara the Lion


e was released in the southern section from the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, where he was in the boma for the last four weeks since 6 October 2021, to remove his homing instinct.

The boma gates were left open for him to exit, and a carcass was left outside the boma area to lure him out.

The 6-year-old male lion called Samara, named after the reserve Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, which donated the lion to the DGR has been released into the reserve. The DGR rangers will monitor him closely on his satellite collar for the next few days to make sure he stays within the reserve.  Please let us know if you spot him.

We hope he enjoys his new home and settles in well and provide good sightings to our landowners and the guests visiting the game reserve.