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Two leopard, a male and female arrived in the DGR and are being kept in separate bomas for two to three months in order to attempt to habituate them in the area. Who knows, they may even fall in love.



hey are completely wild leopard, captured in the Waterberg, and do not know each other.They have been donated by the well known Leopard Sanctuary SHAYAMANZI situated in the Waterberg and are part of an ongoing research project.

We have waited for all red tape to fall in line for more than a year, and yesterday was the final result to our exhausting efforts.

We hope to send you Photographs of these two proud predators in due course and wish them well in their new home. They should add to wonderful sightings in the future.

A special request: Please do not attempt to visit the boma to ensure the acclimatisation process is successful and to keep the animals relaxed as far as possible.